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Degrassi: The Boiling Point Part 2
August 20, 2010, 7:28 am
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Hey guys, it took a day or two but i’m back, and ready to rant.

Jenna: The whole “Next Teen Star” thing is very reminiscent of “Instant Star”, so i’m really hoping that the supposed forthcoming Degrassi Spinoff is NOT Jenna, her baby, and her fame-seeking hijinks. Also, the whole pregnancy thing confused me a lot. When Jenna and KC first got together (in the sketchy bball coach episode), they both basically admitted to each other that they had absolutely no experience. So i’m just curious as to how much time is supposed to have elapsed from that point of them getting together to her being 5 months along. It doesnt make sense that if they have no experience that they would jump right on in to getting down and dirty. And being almost 5 months along, you typically would show a lot more, and not still have morning sickness. But hey, what do i know, i’m not preggers.

Connor and his creepy lady friend: Connor, Connor, Connor. I really liked how the entire storyline was about his aspergers, but i feel that it could have been discussed a little more. I also wish we could have seen a little more of the creepy lady on her own, and maybe get a feel for what makes her so attracted to sophomores in highschool.

Riley/Zane (Rane? Ziley?): I love him. I wish i were a guy so i could be his boyfriend. ❤ I think as Zane, i would be scared as hell of Riley. He seems to be pretty violent, so i hope we get to see more exploration of his temper. Also, his Greek mom reminds me of Marco’s dad, but a less intense version. Any ideas on how this coming-out story will play out?

Chantay: when did she get cool?? I am so confused.

Is anyone else going nuts in anticipation for the last week of TBP???


Degrassi: The Boiling Point Part 1
August 20, 2010, 7:12 am
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I have been watching this show for seven years now, and i am sad to say i am obsessed.

I’m coming to appreciate the new telenovela setup of the show. At first it was just annoying because the episodes seemed to tick by so slowly. But as the six weeks have been progressing, the episodes are all tying together and building nicely.

Sav and holly J: I really feel like the whole situation is awful. If Holly J was as in love with Declan as it seemed, with them planning to attend the same college, and talking far into the future, i just dont realistically see her rebounding without ever mentioning Declan again. I think it’s a little inappropriate for Sav to go after his ex’s best friend, especially since, in the telenovela fashion, the duration between him being with Anya to being with holly J is a few weeks at most. It just fails to make sense.

EClare: Like I’ve said before, the couple name just makes me want to skip on my diet. I was expecting a lot more from Eli with the promo being “this is where i killed my girlfriend”, but reflecting on it now, it really gives his character depth. I think its interesting to give the newer characters more of a background, and being able to establish more of a connection with the viewers. I hope that their relationship goes somewhere, but it would be interesting to see how Clare deals with the new addition of Fitz.

Adam: Best character ive seen in a while. I give major props to Jordan Todosey, she is fantastic. I think the whole Clare-Eli-Adam friendship is not going to work, because we can tell he already feels like “[he] went from being the third wheel to being the go-between”. I’m taking that almost as a hint that something’s going to happen.

Alli- Please give this girl a decent storyline. All i can say is that i have never met a girl as shallow as they have been writing her character. And even though her relationship with Clare may have started out as a “hey, we have to be friends because we’re two of the only normal people in this classroom right now”, but as last season progressed into the beginning of this one, they seem genuinely close. So it makes no sense that they have suddenly stopped all contact, at least as far as we can see.

I dont want to bore everyone (if anyones even reading ;] ) but if anyone wants to hear more of my TBP rants, i’ll have more up soon.


Jersey Whore?
August 20, 2010, 6:56 am
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Hey guys, i literally cannot stop laughing at Jersey Shore. I never really watched the first season (save for the one where Snooki got hit…wrong but hilarious). But this season i decided to watch; and hilarity ensues.

Top 5 reasons to watch (but not necessarily like):

1. The “shirt before the shirt”. I’ve been noticing that the reason they probably do this is because of their tendency to sweat profusely. Does anyone else notice that in the confessionals all of the guys have those awful pit stains? Now THAT’S a situation.

2. J-wow’s attire. Seriously? There is no way her boobs can be real. They’re just too darn perky. I feel a little bit dirtier every time i see one of her club-going outfits.

3. Angelina. Really, why is she even there?

4. Sam and Ronnie drama- Ronnie is just a douche. And everyone else is a douche for not telling Sam.

5. The whole cat’s inability to cook dinner without dropping something vital to the meal.

Overall, as entertained as i am by this show, i just can’t take it seriously.

A+ for being ridiculous :]